Zoom Hearing or Virtual School? You Decide!

12 February 2021

By Eden Kaill
  • You shouldn’t wear a plague doctor mask
  • The guy in charge keeps accidentally muting himself and no one is willing to say anything
  • You get in trouble because your brother is swearing at sports in the next room
  • Introductions are pointless because everyone’s name is onscreen but you waste half an hour doing them anyway
  • You might go viral because of the dancing toddler behind you
  • If you show up in a robe it’s going to be awkward
  • You notice everyone else taking notes at the same time but you can’t peek over their shoulders and you freak out wondering what you missed
  • Overheard: go ahead and put your lizard away and we’ll get started
  • You get a text that says “there’s a mirror behind you, we can tell you’re wearing pajama pants”
  • Kevin’s dog is somehow doing a better job than anyone else
  • You could really go for a juice box right now
  • You’re not a cat, probably

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